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As part of our Master’s Degree in Information Design, we were asked to show our capacity as a designer to solve an user problem concerning data. As my project is part of the Double Degree DU DESSiiN, I worked with Jialiang Liu, engineering student at IMT Atlantique, he dealt with the technical possibilities and development of our answer.

For this project, I was interested in the large amount of data in libraries. With the evolution of the digital technology, the libraries have evolved to continue to exist. Their main function is the access to knowledge for all. But now, they propose new services like workshops or training… However, where services evolve, research and classification systems persist in time and remain complicated. They do not facilitate relevant discoveries to users.

By thinking the research system tangible and interactive as a piece of furniture in the collections, Métanote allows users to obtain information quickly and easily by placing documents on the support. The system identifies the objects thanks to the RFID chips and projects their data. The interactions and usages are facilitated due to an infrared camera, enabling to get rid of a keyboard or a mouse. Each user can mark and comment documents with keywords. This allows the library community to choose their next borrowings based on cross-media recommendations.


End of studies project

Service Design

UX/UI Design

Industrial Design


User research, interviews, tests

Personas, journey map, scenarios, userflows