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As part of our Master’s Degree in Information Design, we were asked to write a thesis about our subject of our end of studies project. It is the first part of the research and analysis of the project.

In this context, I was interested in the large amount of data in libraries. With the evolution of the digital technology, the libraries have evolved to offer new services and more content to users. But research and classification systems remain complicated and not adapted to users.

The result is a 128-page book, 13x18 cm format printed on Clairefontaine papers (trophee and DCP) 120 g, four different kinds of colours, showing us our progress in the book. Text set in FF Meta Serif by Fontfont and Helvetica by Linotype. I first establish a picture of libraries and I explain the problems encountered by users during an information research. Finally, I explicate the advantages of new forms of data visualizations, tangible and interactive, making interactions and discoveries easier.

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User research




User research, interviews

Establishing a network of library specialists/stakeholders