Junkie Lady

School workshop (1 week)


December 2016


Simon Le Roux

Yan Huang

Carla Marceau


Working in team

Working in volume

Making decisions quickly


Packaging Of The World

World Packaging Design Society


In groups of four, we were commissioned to design the identity and the packaging of a tea brand. The workshop was led by the designer Paul Vickers (Pentagram, Design Solution, Interbrand).


The tea is represented by two aspects: The British grandmother who drinks tea at 4 pm and the junkie who drinks tea all day long. There is a duality between these two universes, but tea brings them together.


The result is a semi-transparent bag of loose leaves, similar to drug bags. A pattern like the grandmother’s wallpaper is printed with a texture like stamps to represent the flavour. The logotype is minimalist and shows the two worlds using sans serif and manual typography made with a marker.