Graphic and Information Designer based in Paris, I am interested in all forms of experiences allowing to make our data tangible and perceptible.


→ Present

Graphic & Information Designer


LMpolymago — Paris, France

– Designed printed media, signages, visual identities and guidelines for institutions, communities, associations or companies on the subjects of culture, education and urban

– Followed up on projects in relation to the different representatives

– Prepared production files for printing and manufacturing

→ Present

Freelance Graphic & Information Designer

– Designed identities and their communication media

– Applied graphic universes on printed and digital media

– Designed digital and printed data visualizations

Graphic & Digital Design Intern

Edhv — Eindhoven, The Netherlands

– Designed of visual identities, printed media and signages

– Developed brand strategies

– Involed in conceptual research for the design of digital media and prototyping

Graphic Design Intern

Vu Par — Nantes, France

– Designed visual identities, products and services

– Developed graphic universes on printed communication media

Graphic Design Intern

Atlantic Communication — Nantes, France

– Designed the visual identity of a restaurant and its communication media

– Declined graphic universes on printed communication mediums


Double Degree DU DESSiiN

Université de Nantes — Nantes, France

Design of Innovative Interactive Services around Connected Objects and Tangible Interfaces

– Learning methods and conceptual tools to think and experiment future services/items/interaction methods

– Working in multidisciplinary team (designer/engineer) for the end of study project

First year of HND in Graphic Design

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques — Nantes, France

– Graphic Design, Narrative Images, Visual Art

Foundation course in Design

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques — Nantes, France

– Graphic Design, Spatial Design, Visual Art

High School Diploma in Science with honours