QL About

I am Quentin Lambert,
UX & Information Designer based in Paris.

I am interested in all forms of experiences that allow our data to be tangible and discernible. That is to say thinking of services, tools, websites, apps, and spaces that will respond to a problem and a user need.

Previously, I worked in various agencies or studios like LMpolymago (Paris, Fr), Edhv (Eindhoven, Nl) or Vu Par (Nantes, Fr).

Through my experience, I was able to work, think and design different tools on different subjects such as Métanote: an interactive piece of furniture and the information research service for public libraries, Information & Bibliothèque: the writing of a thesis about classifications and research systems in libraries, Bilan: the intranet and meeting materials for advisers from Arkea banks, Lumiplan: the passenger information system of bus shelters in a peri-urban context, Objectif Marche: a gps application that blends transport and walking to avoid saturated buses during rush hour, Poker Toolkit: a popularisation and learning blog on poker with math and probability, Animals Tracking: a physical representation of data that compares the daily journeys of different animals and Spectre: an interactive installation that highlights the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body.